7 Stages of Alzheimer’s

  • 1

    The normal stage in which the patient is free from any medical condition and is having no problems with memory or mood changes.

  • 2
    Normal aged

    This stage involves slight forgetfulness along with mood changes and is mostly seen in elderly people facing difficulty in recollecting names and other day to day activities.

  • 3
    Mild Cognitive

    The mild loss in cognitive function which basically involves the ability of the brain to think, process, store and finally retrieve the information.

  • 4
    Mild Alzheimer’s

    The mild Alzheimer’s, which involves problems in doing complex activities which could include forgetting almost completely what groceries to get at a supermarket, can also include forgetting the day of the week or even the number of meals they had.

  • 5
    Moderate Alzheimer’s

    The moderate Alzheimer. This stage includes the loss in memory to do the basic activities of the day such as wearing clothes or shoes not according to the climatic change or not being able to remember the order placed in a restaurant.

  • 6
    Moderately Severe
    Alzheimer’s disease

    The moderately severe Alzheimer. It may cause the patient to forget how to wear shoes or clothes and even locking their house door.

  • 7
    Severe Alzheimer’s

    The severe Alzheimer. Involves decrease in speech due to forgetting the most common and simplest words to communicate and also decrease in the normal physical activities. In the early course of this stage, an individual’s speech ability is limited to only a few words. Later, all intelligi

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