A Live TV Interview at Dubai One 30-minute dialogue with Aishwarya Ajit & Tom Urquhart  



Podcast Interview at 103.8 Dubai

Listen to  with Suzanne Radford


11th Alzheimer's Forum

October 2014: To commemorate 'International Day of Older Persons,' Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in collaboration with Broadmeadow Healthcare International will host the 11th Alzheimer's Forum at Grand Hyatt Hotel on 02 October 2014. The 3-hour forum will be delivered by Dr. Siobhan Kennely, Consultant Geriatrician – Royal College Surgeon in Ireland and Helena Moore, Director of Nursing Care- Broadmeadow Healthcare International. supports this forum because it inspires further understanding of how Alzheimer's is impacting all of us in the region and drives action to help us provide best practice in Alzheimer's care.

Glimpses of World Alzheimer's Day 2014

24 September 2014: Where you there at World Alzheimer's Day 2014?  In case you missed this most awaited CSR event of, Chris Calumberan, UAE's top Fashion Photographer captured our memorable moments at BurJuman.   Soon to post are photos in the eyes of Roger Alfonso.

Please add 'Memory Loss' on FaceBook to access the Photo Album

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 Stay Sharp!  Brain Health Care

19 September 2014: How many times have you walked into a room and forgotten what you came for? Searched in vain for keys that mysteriously disappeared? Or forgotten the name of someone you should know?  Moments of forgetfulness happen even to the young.  But as we get older they may leave us wondering if we’re losing our mental age

Stay Sharp! Brain Health Care,” the theme for World Alzheimer’s Day 2014 is a CSR initiative of de-Mystifying Alzheimer’s (a non-profit organization raising awareness on Alzheimer’s disease in the UAE), in collaboration with Cotopia Social Responsibility and BurJuman.

World Alzheimer's Day is a celebration held every September when Alzheimer's organizations around the world concentrate efforts on raising awareness about Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's disease the most common form of dementia and still without cure is a group of disorders that impairs mental functioning, most common with elderly people.

To ensure our mind and body stay healthy, uniCare Medical Center, Human Relations Institute & Clinics and Abbott Nutrition will conduct Wellness Check up and brief Consultations for the general public.  Our support group from Broadmeadow Healthcare International will be on-site to offer advice and best practice to elderly care. And The Brain Workshop will share valuable tips to keep our memory sharp. 

During this 3-day event, our volunteer group from Dubai Medical College for Girls will conduct fun Brain Activities for the young and young at heart.  





And don’t miss the opening ceremony on 19th September, 6pm for a memorable repertoire of music and dance performances by the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra, Dubai Vocal Ensemble, Friends of Parkinson’s Support Group, Young Voices of Dubai, Twisted Quavers, Eau J. Choreography and D’Fashionista Girls. And special guest appearance of Order 66.

 If you’re worried about your memory or know someone with memory problems please save the date and support us on World Alzheimer’s Day on 19-21 September at Level 1, BurJuman - 10am to 10pm

  Finally at 7DAYS

08 July 2014: World Alzheimer's Day 2014 is around the corner and big challenge is (again) ahead of us.  Organizing this community event, for the 2nd year at the iconic the Dubai Mall is humongous task. But what we lack in CSR funding, we make up for committed volunteers and media support namely the 7DAYS. 

Our special thanks to Megha Merani, 7DAYS News Reporter and the 7DAYS Editorial team for the beautiful article on  This means a lot in our advocacy in raising awareness on Alzheimer's in the region.  Hopefully this will open a lot of hearts in the UAE and help us continue what we love doing most.

Read the full article in PDF:


Back to 103.8 Dubai Eye


10 June 2014: It was a little over  a year when was a guest at Suzanne Radford's show - Dubai Today,103.8 Dubai Eye.  This time I was back at her show and accompanied by  Dr. Senthil Meenrajan, Consultant Geriatrician - American Hospital and Dr. Yousef Abou Allaban, Consultant Psychiatrist and Managing Director - American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology.

It was an information packed program with more focus on medical perspective of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and exploring Brain Health as preventive measure against AD. 

Thank you Suzanne and Michelle Loxton, Producer (103.8) for the one-hour live interview at Dubai Today.  It was a great opportunity for us to raise awareness on AD and the photo competition - A Photographic Memory.'


A Photographic Memory

at The Brain Workshop & Argo Tea Cafe  



31 May 2014: A Photographic Memory - Photo Competition, Workshop and Exhibition on 'Brain Health to keep Sharp' is our first attempt to use Photography as a medium to raise awareness on Alzheimer's disease to a creative level.

The first Photo Workshop series took place on 16th May at The Brain Workshop supported by Managing Director - Sahar Riad. Spokesperson, Ruth Williams and her catchphrase 'Use it or Lose it,' will always remind us to exercise our brain more often. We were all ears to Master photographer - Chris Calumberan's simplified basic photography.

Great camarederie with creative minds!

The final Photo workhop at the Argo Tea Cafe, Citywalk concluded on 31st May.  Special thanks to the Argo Team - Dhara and Hussam, Dyan Guanco, Chris Calumberan and Full Frame Photogrpahy Magazine.  The final submission of photo entries will be on 10th June.  The awarding ceremony is slated on14th June at The Argo Tea Cafe - 6pm.

Brain Health Campaign at The India Club

 R-L: Dr. Ram Buxani, Chairman - India Club; Bharat Chachara, General Manager - India Club; Desiree Vlekken, Founder & CEO -

24 May 2014: The Brain Health Campaign in collaboration with the Standing Commitee on Public Health (SCOPH) was held at the prestigous India Club. 

The India Club, is one of the oldest sports and recreational facilities for the expatriate Indian community in Dubai. Formerly known as the India Sports Club, is a non-profit organisation run by a board of trustees which boasts a 6,000-strong membership.


It was a memorable evening for members and guests as challenging mind exercise games were conducted on-site by SCOPH and DMCG student volunteers.  There was also a special volunteer choir performance from the Dubai Vocal Ensemble who sang 'The Java Jive' and 'Man in the Mirror,' by Michael Jackson.


Everybody was all ears during the Forum session with Raymond Hamden (Managing Director - HRI & Clinics) and Khaled Ibrahim (Sr. Product Manager - Abbott Nutrition). 


 All praises to Nujood RashidDiana Guanco and Pansy Lobo who took the stage and inspired the audience.   

 A big thank you to the lovely audience of the India Club.

And special thanks to our friends and dear volunteers who ruled the Brain Health Campaign.  As full time professionals and pre-med students, they took the time to help us raise awareness on Alzheimer's.   

Our story at The Gulf Times

01 May 2014:  The most awaited article on Alzheimer's disease was featured at The Gulf Times - 'When memory goes for a toss.' Comprehensive views on AD  were provided by medical specialists in Alzheimer's disease (AD) namely:  Dr. Samer Makhoul, Consultant & Head of Department of Psychiatry and Dr. Mohammed Gamil El Noamani, Head of Medical Section Al Mamzar including Desiree Vlekken, Founder & CEO -

Special thanks to Petrina D'Souza for this informative write up and helping us raise awareness to one of the region's underexposed health issue - Alzheimer's disease.


Brain Health Initiative at The Children's Garden (TCG) Jumeirah

April 2014: in global partnership with The Dana Foundation will pre-launch The Brain Health initiative during the Spring Break event at The Children's Garden (TCG) Jumeirah, 10th April 2014.   

According to Alzheimer's Society in Canada, 'The human brain as one of our most vital organs, plays a role in every action and every thought.  Can Alzheimer's be prevented?  There are no guarantees but healthy lifestyle choices will keep your brain as healthy as possible as you age.'

For the Brain Initiative at TCG, complimentary wooden puzzles will distributed to the first 50 parents who will sign up for database.  The puzzle is a great  brain exercise tool that can be used by anybody.  Its small and can be carried anywhere.  Perhaps parents may also welcome the idea to have the puzzles as alternative for their children's I-pad.

 Alzheimer's Film Screening on Brain Awareness Week

March  2014: To commemorate Brain Awareness Week, - De-Mystifying Alzheimer's and CoTopia Social Responsibility hosted the film screening - 'You're Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don't' at Vox Cinema, Mall of the Emirates.  This documentary produced and directed by Scott Kirschenbaum was filmed exclusively in an Alzheimer's and Dementia care unit. 


4get-me-not volunteer and program emcee, Ruth Williams presented  Key Speakers of Alzheimer's disease on the perspective of Psychiatry, Physical Therapy and Nutrition.  Special thanks to our esteemed speakers / lecturers -  Dr. Alia Al Qassimi, Specialist Registrar In- Charge - Latifa Hospital;  Dr. Yousef Abou Allaban, Managing Director - American Psychiatry and Neurology; Louise de Jonge, Physical Therapist - Mediclinic City Hospital and Khaled Ibrahim, Regional Product Manager - Ensure Abbott Nutrition.  


Prelude to the screening was a guest performance from Dubai Vocal Ensemble. The widely acclaimed Filipino choir sang  their rendition of An Affair to Remember, Lacrimosa and Ethnik. promotes music as therapeutic and beneficial for memory and brain health. 

 The strong presence of students from Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG) was supported by the school Dean - Prof. Mohammed Galal El Din.  This was made possible through coordinated efforts from Dr. Marwa Mahmoud and DMCG student union led by Noof Rashid, Nujood Rashid and Fatima Mir.

This CSR event was co-sponsored by Vox Cinema, Dubai Medical College for Girls, American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, Mediclinic City Hospital and Ensure Abbott Nutrition.

Special thanks to the delegates of Dubai Volunteer Centre and Support Group


05 December is also International Volunteers Day


December 2013: Our highlight this month will focus on marking the International Volunteers Day (IVD). IVD was penned by the United Nations in honor of the millions of volunteers and non-government organizations for their countless efforts to help humanity. This will also be an important day for because it will be our way of showing thanks to our volunteers who keep helping us and proving us with support. Without them, we might not have been able to pull most of our projects. 

Our special thanks to The Ministry of Social Affairs, Dubai Mall, CoTopia,  Community Development authority (CDA) volunteersMetLife Alico, Mediclinic, HRI & Clinics, Voice4Charity, Costa Coffee, MC Bassam, Invent Events, Dubai Youth Orchestra, Dubai Scholars Private school, Media supporters & volunteers for making 'Remember World Alzhemer’s Day' a big success! 

We are looking forward to work again with our supporters and volunteers for the next World Alzheimer's Day event on September 2014!

 'Remember World  Alzheimer's Day'  at The Dubai Mall

21 September 2013:

Join us… on Saturday 21st September till Monday 23rd September for the Remember World Alzheimer’s Day community event and pay tribute to those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease by helping us put a face to the disease

 Many of us at some point in our lives have known or heard of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and therefore have a rough idea of the significant impact this disease can have on one’s life.  On this World Alzheimer’s Day, 4get-me-not (a non-profit organization in the UAE) has teamed up with CoTopia Social Responsibility Dialogue and Emaar Retail under the patronage of The Ministry of Social Affairs to make some much needed noise within our community around this degenerative disease and bring into light the significance of Alzheimer’s Disease by putting a face to Alzheimer’s.

 When: Saturday 21st September – Monday 23rd September

Where: Dubai Mall, Waterfalls Atrium

Time: Saturday 12pm-9pm, Sunday & Monday 10am-9pm

What: Remember World Alzheimer’s Day Photo Wall and free on-site medical consultations

Do you know anyone or have you known anyone in the past that was affected by Alzheimer’s Disease?...

If your answer is yes then we would like to give you the opportunity to honor them and pay tribute to them by having their photo posted on the Remember World Alzheimer’s Day Photo Wall at the Dubai Mall which will be up from 21st September until 23rd September.


         1. Email a high resolution photo of the person to whom you would like to pay tribute to


2.  Come down to Dubai Mall Waterfall Atrium on the 21st-23rd September and bring your photo with you to post on the wall

But it’s not just about those who are suffering from the disease.  Prevention and early detection is just as important as knowing how to deal with Alzheimer’s.  This is why there will also be on-site doctors from Human Relations Institute & Clinics, MetLife Alico and Mediclinic throughout the three days to give free health & wellness assessment checkups, brief consultation and recommendation to the general public

Alzheimer’s is a life changing degenerative brain disease affecting many middle to old aged people worldwide and resulting in a progressive mental deterioration.

According to the 2012 World Bank report; approximately 0.5% of the UAE’s population (29000) are potential candidates for Alzheimer’s Disease and this number is expected to grow with time as early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease is now being reported at an age as early as 30.  This is a growing concern especially as most people are not knowledgeable when it comes to early signs of Alzheimer’s and therefore tend to neglect these warning signs until the disease progresses to a stage that is much harder to treat and contain.

This is why in 1994, the World Health Organization has dedicated the 21st of September as the official World Alzheimer’s Day in order to not only acknowledge and support those who are suffering from  the disease but also raise awareness within communities around the world to allow people to detect the early sign of the disease and educate them about their treatment and lifestyle options and educate those who know someone that is affected by the disease on what it’s like to live with Alzheimer’s and how we can support them.

Why 'World  Alzheimer's Day' is important? by Nujood Rashid

Every 21st September, “World Alzheimer Day” is celebrated throughout the globe.  It was on 21st September 1994 during the Alzheimer Disease International annual conference in Edinburgh,  decided  that a special day was needed to  recognize Alzheimer's disease (AD) impact on many individuals.

Since then, World Alzheimer's events are held all over to increase awareness on AD. Various lectures point out warning signs and  early detection on AD, caregiver's workshops and also fundraising towards research and cure.

World Alzheimer's Day is a continuous reminder to societies of the lives it has affected.  It is also a beacon of hope in search for possible cure for the disease. This is a special opportunity for families, friends and caregivers living with Alzheimer's to get together and reminisce wonderful memories of their loved ones.

How can you be part of 'World Alzheimer's Day? You can participate in a community event organized by non-profit organizations in the UAE like Many young volunteers in Dubai would like to make a difference and should not miss volunteer opportunities from Alternatively visit a Geriatric Clinic or Elderly care centre and spend some time with the in-patients. Whatever you